Prototype #1 released

For all those interested you can now play the first prototype of a domination style RTS game. I would appreciate to get any feedback about this.


You can download it here.


It is written in Java 8 and should work on Mac OS, Linux and Windows – given you have installed the Java 8 runtime (or higher).


To run

  • download the ZIP file
  • unpack somewhere you like
  • cd into the directory (urts-0.0.4-SNAPSHOT)
  • execute or game.bat (depending on your OS)


Rules of the game

  • Scout and conquer SUB bases, they give you DOMINATION POINTS after each round
  • If you have a dominating force nearby a SUB base you can conquer it from another player (and vice versa)
  • Each minute you have a ’round’. After each round of 1 minute the domination points are accumulated and a new round is started.
  • After 5 rounds ( == 5 minutes), the game ends. The player with most domination points win!


What it looks like

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